What should I pay attention to in the HDMI HD cable?

What should I pay attention to in the HDMI HD cable?


What should I pay attention to in the HDMI HD cable?

How fast is the update, how fast the production process is, from 720 to 1080, 4K HD rendering technology, many families have begun to use HDMI high-definition cable to make the visual experience more comfortable. "However, the more people use it, the more product problems caused by the habit. A line is not a panacea, because it can not be honed, so users should pay attention to these uses when using HDMI HD cable.

What should I pay attention to in the HDMI HD cable?

1. Replace the behavior of hdmi high definition line

In normal use, the HDMI high-definition cable must be plugged in first, and most of them do not pay attention to this detail. They will be in a plug-and-play state during use. In fact, we should pay special attention to this, though, In the current technology, many hdmi high-cleaning lines use heat exchange technology, but in many productions, this problem is also caused. In the case of HDMI high-definition lines inserted into thermal energy, chip burning will occur, so The reset effect is standard before and after the device is turned on.

2. Different specifications of HDMI Interfac

The widely used HDMI HD cable has three different sizes and specifications. The electronic products have too many styles and the parameters will naturally be different. Many obvious interfaces are standard, but the small fonts purchased, in fact, do not need to buy one. Just use an adapter to solve the problem. When the computer graphics card is not the HDMI interface, but the DVI interface, Qiguan specializes in producing HDMI to DVI high-cleaning lines, which can be connected. The DVI connector adopts the standard DVI-D 241, universal, and can connect multiple digital home appliances, standard length. 1.8m, can be used in a variety of occasions to avoid winding. The HDMI cable produced by Jinjia Industry can be used up to 180 degrees.

3. No signal to connect HDMI cable to TV and HD machine

When the device is connected, the TV can display no video video signal. In this case, first check if the TV has only one HDMI interface, and the other end is plugged into the HDMI interface of the HD player. After booting, start the TV menu and set the HDMI mode. , select the appropriate mode to confirm playback. This is what you need to be aware of during operation and you don't need to ask the master to check it.

4. Long-distance and long-distance HDMI high-definition line routing reminder:

No matter what the situation, you must choose a longer use time than 1-3, in order to ensure the normal transmission of wire data. "And long-term production also has certain requirements. Some equipment produces long-distance wire materials that do not meet the 4K standard. Since the production equipment used cannot meet this requirement, there are hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of production equipment on the market. The finished product will also have quality differences, Jinjia Industry will master the long-distance problem, and the production technology and technology of the fine soft HDMI high-definition production line, which can guarantee the choice of light production.