Optional HDMI cable selection tips to share

Optional HDMI cable selection tips to share


Optional HDMI cable selection tips to share

The rapid development of society has brought us into the digital information age. For example, our TV has also changed from the original black and white TV to the current large-screen LCD TV. The screen becomes larger and the demand for resolution naturally increases. Or some cinema screens, all require a very large resolution to support, HDMI high-definition line meets this condition, but the HDMI HD-definition line on the market is good or bad, today Jeewah will teach you to buy HDMI cable Picking tips.(HDMI cable)

1. We have to determine the version of the HDMI interface. If the version is different, the performance and picture quality in terms of bandwidth and sound are different. At the same time, the HDMI cable is also divided into 1.3 to 2.0 in the market and the HDMI interface. Version, and is backward compatible, so HDMI cable should be compatible with the HDMI interface version, at least the wire version should be higher than the interface version.(HDMI cable)

2, it depends on its materials and processes. In terms of material, I suggest to choose pure copper, because pure copper can guarantee the quality of signal transmission, which can effectively reduce signal interference or model damage. For example, the above Biaz HDMI cable uses a thick copper core with the advantages of strong oxidation resistance, multiple shielding, and barrier-free transmission.(HDMI cable)

3, look at the interface of the line, because HDMI its interface also plays a very important role in the transmission, if you use a gold-plated interface, it has better corrosion resistance, conductivity and High temperature resistance and easy soldering, so gold-plated joints are better than non-gold plating.(HDMI cable)

4, too small HDMI cable we have to choose. Because the HDMI line has a larger cross-sectional area of ??the conductor under normal conditions, that is, it can transmit a better and larger current, and finally the performance of the line is good and stable.(HDMI cable)

After reading the above introduction, do you have a clear understanding of the purchase of HDMI cable? When purchasing HDMI cable, it is best to choose according to the specific needs of the location, for example, our project buried HDMI Line, it is best to choose some good quality, do not choose the kind of general HDMI cable, to prevent problems when it is difficult to solve.(HDMI cable)