For HDMI HD cable, you need to understand these three points.

For HDMI HD cable, you need to understand these three points.


For HDMI HD cable, you need to understand these three points.

The rapid development of society has led to the advancement of technology. Many people will build home theaters at home, and building a home theater involves HDMI HD cable. Many friends have little knowledge of HDMI HD cable, and they are basically in a white state. When purchasing HDMI HD cable, it often makes a lot of mistakes. Today, HDMI HD cable manufacturer Jeewah will tell you about HDMI HD cable.

1, HDMI high-definition line length

Everyone knows that generally before the renovation, the wiring will be carried out, the wall will be slotted, and the wire will be pre-buried according to the construction drawing, which is convenient for later use. When the wiring is buried, the length of the HDMI HD line will be involved. In general, the HDMI HD cable used by the home is generally 5 meters, but in order to prevent other problems, it is best to purchase a 8-10 meter HDMI HD cable. After all, it needs some reserved space. If it is short, it will be troublesome, and the money will be spent.

Some people will feel that it is not safe to set aside a little. It is not convenient to get a 20 meter directly. Because of the current influences of technology, materials and technology, most HDMI HD signals have an effective transmission distance of only 8-10. Meter, beyond this length, the signal will be attenuated, resulting in the display end image not reaching the level of high definition.

2. Factors affecting the price of HDMI HD cable

I believe that the careful small partners will find a problem, that is, the price gap of HDMI high-definition lines in the market will be larger. Why can a wire produce such a large price gap? In fact, there are many factors affecting the price of HDMI high-definition lines, such as support. Agreement, length, wire, brand, etc. Some friends bought some inferior HD lines in order to make a small price. When they installed, they found that they could not transmit information. The decoration has been completed, the wire can not be twitched, and everything has not changed.

Of course, there are two situations here. One is the case of wearing the pipe wiring, the other is that the pipe is not worn, and the pipe is generally buried in the wall, and the pipe can be inserted at any time without the pipe. If it is through the pipe wiring, everyone must pay attention when purchasing HDMI HD cable, do not purchase inferior quality, because the problem is to remove the wall, very troublesome. If it is directly plugged in, then there is no problem, after all, if there is a problem, just change one and finish it.

3, HDMI high-definition line pipe wiring precautions

It has been said above that if there is a problem with the pipeline, it is very troublesome to return to the union. Therefore, we must pay attention when we are wearing the pipe wiring. For example, the size of the pipe should not be too small, because the pipe is too small, the bend is The place is prone to breakage. In addition, when wiring, the HDMI high-definition cable is to be plugged into the TV. When the cable is wired, do not get too close to the cable such as the power cable. It is better to isolate more than 30CM to avoid signal interference. Another serious problem is that when you wear the pipe wiring, you must pay attention to the direction, do not wear it.

To sum up, it is necessary to test before the HDMI HD cable is routed. This is a very important issue. Don't find a problem after you have finished it. When testing, it is best to test the whole process. Confirm that the equipment used and the length of the wire are tested again to ensure that no problems are the focus.