A good HDMI HD cable needs to be verified from five aspects

A good HDMI HD cable needs to be verified from five aspects


A good HDMI HD cable needs to be verified from five aspects.

The quality of a movie is good, in addition to the quality of the film itself, it is also related to the problem of transmission wire. If the quality of the transmission wire is not good, then the quality of the transmission will naturally not work. HDMI HD cable is a high-definition cable that users love. However, many people don't know about it. When they buy it, they will buy some low-quality HDMI HD cable. Today, HDMI HD line manufacturer Jeewah will teach you how to buy a good HDMI HD cable, mainly from the following five aspects to verify.

1, HDMI HD line version selection

Any product will be upgraded. The HDMI HD cable is naturally the same. It has also undergone various versions of the upgrade. The highest version of the HDMI HD cable is version 2.0. The higher the version, the stronger the data in all aspects, but we are When purchasing HDMI HD cable, be sure to look at the version of our machine support interface. If you support version 2.0, then we can choose 2.0 HDMI HD cable.

2, HDMI HD cable connector

HDMI high-definition cable connector is the short part of our plug-in interface. There are generally two types. Gold-plated and non-gold-plated, gold-plated connectors can be corroded, and the conductivity and high temperature resistance will be stronger. If it is to be pre-wired Pre-buried, it is best to purchase a gold-plated HDMI HD cable, which will take longer.

3, HDMI high-definition wire core

As the core component of the HDMI high-definition line, the core plays the important role of signal transmission. The material of the core is naturally very important. Currently, the HDMI high-definition line on the market is made of alloy, iron, pure copper and light solder. The alloy and iron are relatively poor, and the transmission effect of pure copper is better. The resolution method can only be disassembled, so Jeewah teaches you a little trick here. You can bend the HDMI HD cable and bend it several times. If it is soft, it is the copper core. If it is hard, it is the core of the alloy and iron. Be careful not to fold too much, otherwise alloy and iron cores will exercise. The other is the core of the light solder, which is the best at present, but the price is relatively expensive, and the owner who is not bad money can purchase. For ordinary users, the copper core can be used.

4, HDMI HD line thickness

Generally speaking, the thicker the HDMI high-definition line transmission performance is, the better, but many bad merchants on the market will add some messy things on the line, making the line look thicker and confusing consumers, so when you buy, You can look for some brand manufacturers, so it will be relatively safe.

5, HDMI HD line certification

HDMI high-definition cable is standard. There are two kinds of HDMI high-definition cable. One is HDMI authentication, the other is Sinplay authentication. The certified HDMI HD cable basically has no quality problems in terms of quality. One can, of course, it would be better if both had it.

Ok, today's research on the HDMI HD cable is introduced here. For more information about HDMI HD cable, please stay tuned to Jeewah's official website.