What types of Jeewah manufacturers HDMI HD cable?

What types of Jeewah manufacturers HDMI HD cable?


What types of Jeewah manufacturers HDMI HD cable?

As a link wire manufacturer, Jeewah has a variety of HDMI high-definition lines. Many of the first contact with Jeewah's small partners are relatively difficult to find. Today, Jeewah comes to classify everyone so that everyone can find some.

1, home HDMI HD cable

Home HDMI HD cable is not too long, generally within a few meters, mainly: H101, H106, H301, H309, H311 and other types, can be used as home improvement HDMI HD cable, of which H106 is a flat wire.

2, engineering HDMI HD line

Everyone knows that the general engineering HDMI HD line will be relatively long, mainly: H116, H302, H308.

3, splicing screen dedicated HDMI HD line

Since the splicing screen is spliced ??by multiple electronic screens, it must be stable on the connection. If the connection is unstable, the signal transmission instability of an electronic screen may be uncomfortable, especially for obsessive-compulsive disorder. The person, Jeewah in the design of the HDMI HD cable for the splicing screen, the screw is fixed at the interface, and the screw is tightened to achieve the effect of stable picture and high-definition transmission.

The above three categories are the big classification of Jeewah HDMI HD cable. If you like the style of a certain wire, but it is not the type you need, if you need a large batch, you can contact Jeewah customer service staff to ask if you can customize it!