How to choose a quality HDMI cable?

How to choose a quality HDMI cable?


How to choose a quality HDMI cable?

HDMI cable as a very important data transmission cable, whether it is watching TV or watching movies, you need to use HDMI cable. A good HD cable means that we will watch TV more clearly and look more comfortable, but HDMI cable are divided into different types. For laymen, most of them rely on sellers to recommend them, and this is completely black and white. Jeewah will explain to you today how to buy a good quality. HDMI cable. Consider the following four aspects.

1, the interface

Interface is a key point, because it needs to be directly combined with the interface of the computer or TV. The quality of the interface is not only related to the market that can be used, but also the sensitive problem of the interface. To view the interface, you need to look at the two ends of the interface. Whether there is gold plating, the interface of both ends of the high-quality HDMI cable is gold-plated, and the price is relatively more expensive than the HDMI cable that is not gold-plated.

2, anti-jamming magnetic ring

I believe that on some wires, you will see the two ends of the wire. In the place close to the joint, there will be a protruding section, that is, the anti-interference magnetic ring, the wire product is disturbed, resulting in unstable data transmission, so , high-quality HDMI high-definition cable, both ends of the wire should have anti-interference magnetic ring, to prevent the new input or output of impurities mixed into the original signal.

3, wire material

What is the internal material of the wire? I believe everyone knows that the wire is made of copper, but there are many HDMI high-definition wires on the market. The internal materials are not made of copper. Instead, they are made of inferior materials such as copper-clad steel. The performance is completely incomparable with the pure copper core.

4, manufacturers

In any industry, there will be big brands and many small factories and small workshops. Whether it is in word of mouth or in production, it will pay great attention to it. However, small manufacturers and small workshops cannot guarantee the products, and the core What kind of material is used, the layman is completely invisible, so, to buy a high-quality HDMI high-definition line, we must first look for a big brand, and can be guaranteed in all aspects.