What are the advantages of Jeewah's HDMI audio splitter?

What are the advantages of Jeewah's HDMI audio splitter?


What are the advantages of Jeewah's HDMI audio splitter?

Everyone knows that the HDMI cable is transmitted directly with the audio video, which means that one wire can be completed, but for some small partners who want to separate the audio separately and insert the audio, use the HDMI audio splitter. Yes, Jeewah's HDMI cable is very good, so what about the HDMI audio splitter? What are the advantages?

1. Strong anti-interference ability

The most feared wire is interference, just like we call, encounter interference signals, the call signal will be very bad, HDMI cable is the same, if it can not resist interference, the signal will slowly weaken, and finally the transmitted audio is very Poor, Jeewah's HDMI audio splitter has a strong anti-interference capability, so users don't have to worry about signal loss.

2, corrosion resistance

Corrosion is a big problem with wire. If the wire port is not resistant to corrosion, it will easily oxidize slowly, resulting in a much shorter life of the wire. Jeewah's HDMI audio splitter uses the same anti-corrosion technology as the HDMI cable, so don't worry about port corrosion.

3, easy to dissipate

Wire and machine are afraid of heat. If it is used for a long time, it will cause the machine to heat up, which will lead to the slower life of the machine. The importance of heat dissipation will be revealed. Jeewah uses a metal casing, which is large in area and easy to dissipate heat. Extend the life of the HDMI audio splitter.

The Jeewah HDMI Audio Splitter is a high-performance, multi-function HD audio splitter that extracts the audio signal from the HDMI signal into a power amplification system while outputting digital fiber and 3.5 stereo for easy access to the fiber and headphones. The outer shell of the product is made of aluminum alloy, which has strong anti-interference ability, corrosion resistance and heat dissipation. Micro usb power supply design, easy to operate, free drive plug and play.